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PH: What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?

SGW: My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with the same group of friends, year after year.  We exchange silly gifts in an often humorous way.  The evening always presents a lot of giggles and fellowship.

PH: Describe your medium and what you love about creating.

SGW: My art is created around fabric, texture and color.  Different from an artist that paints, I create shape and color and texture from pre-existing pieces.  That is I need to find the color, texture, etc from fabrics which are mostly from the interior design industry. Having been an interior designer for 28 years, there is a great thrill for me in putting each piece together similar to that of putting a room together.  I have compared many of my pieces as “little jewel box rooms”.

PH: Tell us about one of the most heartwarming gifts you’ve given.

SGW: Recently, I presented my Dad and Step-Mom with a piece I created that included all of their grandchildren combined. (below) I don’t know if it was more fun for me to create or for them to receive?  Over their 25 years together our families have meshed into one.  This is very special to me.

MEET SARAH of HUGER   [u’•gee’]

Interior designer and taste-maker extraordinaire Sarah Gibson Wiley uses her artist’s eye, her fondness for bright colors and a myriad of inspirational fabrics to create works of art.  They bring her clients joy by creating lasting memories that become a family treasure and conversation piece that is passed down as a family heirloom. From photographs, using her unique perspective and skill, and conversation with her clients, she interprets these memories and brings them to life. Each piece Sarah creates is entirely unique. Launched in 2012, Huger brings to life events and stories in an original art form that emote special feelings, and create lasting memories.

Creativity is in Sarah’s DNA. Her mother is an artist, her grandmother a sculptor. Her sister Dana Gibson is a decorative artist of national fame. Great grandfather Charles Dana Gibson was creator of the Gibson Girl in the 1890s and Nancy Lancaster, her great aunt, started Colefax & Fowler, the influential British decorating firm which codified the English Country House look. Sarah brings a unique and rare blend of mechanical skills and creativeness that is evident in the interpretation of her art.

From pillows to framed art, Sarah’s distinctive pieces capture people, pets, special rooms and places, invitations, family portraits and houses in a singular, highly stylized way.  Her non-custom pieces have added a new element to her textile art form.




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