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We are so happy to share the work of Richmond artist Janie Pinney, as our featured artist this holiday season! It’s been a pleasure to learn more about Janie’s creative journey and what inspires her to paint. Enjoy!


PH: When did you start painting?

JP:  I started painting at age 9. My mother signed me up to take lessons with a teacher named Mrs. White. At first I was more excited  about spending time with all of her pets, but I quickly gravitated to the fun of painting at an easel. She taught her class to appreciate  the beauty and versatility of oil paints. My father was also a great doodler! His spontaneous and often humorous sketches were reminders of the fun of art. I also always admired an aunt and a great aunt who were artists and were named “Janie”.

PH:  Have you always been drawn to art?

JP:   I am drawn to color, shapes, and texture of many art mediums, but paintings are my favorite. I like to find something about a historical or modern artist that makes me feel connected to their story or their intention for creating their work. I am also very influenced by artist workshops. I feel grateful for talented artists who want to share their talent and techniques with others. If I walk away from a workshop having learned at least one good piece of advice, helpful tool, or technique, it is well worth it. I find every day experiences, nature, and other works of art to be constant catalysts for the creative process. 

PH: What do you love most about painting?

JP: Two things. One is I can let go of time when I paint. The second is the joy that comes from doing something that can evoke joy in others. 

PH: Do you have any favorite artists that inspire you?

JP:  There are many. Some well known artists that I have always admired are Diebenkorn, Sargent, Picasso, Kandinsky, Rodin, Kahn, and Vermeer. I have a special appreciation for local art and artists. 

PH: Did you study Art or work in a creative field before painting?

JP:  Yes, I majored in Arts Management. I moved to Richmond after college to work in several ad agency’s and ended up at the Martin Agency. After Lee and I married in 1988, I studied and practiced Faux painting for several years until we had children. After being mom for many years, I started painting regularly with Jane Joyner who is a talented local artist and mentor for many. That consistency has brought about a desire to paint more and explore more opportunities to market my work.

PH: Is your family a part of your creative journey? They must be very proud of your work.

JP: My husband Lee is a stock broker. He and I are blessed to have 3 daughters ages 25, 23, and 18. The oldest,Walker is a speech language pathologist in Richmond, 23 year old Caroline has just finished college with a BFA in painting and print making (so lucky that we can share art ideas and learn from each other! )And the youngest Caroline is a freshman in college. They are all very supportive and enthusiastic about my work and I love them to pieces!

PH: And finally, your favorite artist quote?

JP: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life” – Pablo Picasso

PH: We love what you do, thank you Janie!







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